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Brown Armadillo Limited is a Hong Kong-based financial advisors and consultants company that began operating in 2007.

We founded the company with the commitment to identify opportunities that generate value for our clients' accounts.

Brown Armadillo Limited develops its own technological, statistical and mathematical models based on the historical behavior of the financial instruments in which it specialises.

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Shape the future of your financial security with different investment strategies, depending on your objectives.

Clients of Brown Armadillo Limited


Brown Armadillo's commitment to its customers is to create specialized portfolios with the purpose of fulfilling financial objectives.

We are Financial Advisors


Brown Armadillo Limited Performed Strategic training in Financial Services Management and Creation of portfolios and solutions In financial services.

We work for institutions and individuals


Brown Armadillo Limited Can Protect and grow assets of your company as it has An option for customers who are Moral person.



Derivatives and currencies with fast execution, without stock intermediaries.


CFDs and 15 selected indexes based on global market review.

Gold & Silver

Gold and silver, using specialized analysis software.


We perform operations with Brent crude, WTI light crude.

Brown Armadillo's Global Management

Our clients come from 4 continents and 8 different countries... and growing.




Spain, Italy
France, UK


Hong Kong



Global Management from Brown Armadillo Office

Your Investment FAQs

After you write to us in the above contact form, we send you the necessary information required to open your account with one of our trusted brokers listed above, then sign the paperwork and we open your account so that you only have to transfer the capital money to that account. Obviously no one else but you have access.

Of course you can open the account all by yourself but then you will not benefit from our trading services to manage and grow your investment. 

Key differences:
* No fees upon depositing your initial capital
* No maintenance monthly nor annual fees
* Access and withdraw your money anytime. We only ask that you to let us know in advance by 24h so we stop any market operation that is in progress.

We do not charge commissions on capital, we only charge a flat fee on the profits we make for you. Please check our simulator to have an idea.

Financing your real estate can be expensive. By placing a smaller amount with Brown Armadillo to manage on your behalf, you increase your capital and in return you will be able to finance your dream home or real estate investment quicker and smarter. 

We also speak Spanish, French and Arabic. Contact us today.

Our Partner Brokers

We partnered with the best in class to offer a secure flow of asset management.

Brown Armadillo's Investment Regulation Guides & Manuals

Manual of Deposits

Investment Service Guide

General Framework of Performance

Broker Regulations


Your financial satisfaction is our aim.

I trust Brown Armadillo with my investment strategy. They have been able to deliver consistently.

I learnt about Brown Armadillo through my friend and so far everything is going smoothly.

With Brown Armadillo I can focus on my business while they bring value to our savings.

How to Open A New Account

We guide you at every step of the way

Step 1

Choose a Personal or Company Account

Personal accounts are dedicated for you as a person, also referred to as "Physical Person". Company accounts are known as "Moral Person". The type of information required is different. Please prepare the follow information to open your account.

Get Information Required.

Step 2

Get a borker sign-up

Get your account ready at one of our trusted brokers.

Mex Exchange
Prime Global

Step 3

Send us your documentation

Fill in the form found here and email to

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Room 411, Wing on Plaza. 62,
Mody Road,
Tsim Sna Tsoi East, KLN
Hong Kong 

+961 81 95 26 97

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