Service Fees

Investment & Management Fees

Advice Fees: The fee on any Statement of Advice or Record of Advice. 0%
On-going Service Fee: Any ongoing charges. 0%
Contribution fee: The fee on each amount contributed to your investment. 0%
Establishment fee: The fee to open your investment. 0%
Administration Fee: The fee charged to administer your account. 0%
Exit Fee: The fee to close your investment. 0%
Management fee: The fee to operate your account. 0%
Performance fee: The fee charged on profits achieved above an agreed benchmark. 0%
Management fee : 0%

Performance Fees

Performance fee : Airgead Calpa Partners will charge a performance fee of 30% on profits using a high water-mark.

Below is an example how Airgead Calpa Partner´s performance fees are calculated and charged .

1st of Jan 1st of Feb 1st of Mar 1st of Apr
Net Asset Value (NAV) $100,000 $100,000 $104,000 $117,000
Profit (loss) $10,000 $3,000 $13,000
Performance Fee $3,000 $3,000
NAV After Performance Fee $100,000 $107,000 $104,000 $115,000
High-water Mark $100,000 $107,000 $107,000 $115,000

The above example assumes that £100,000 was invested. If the managed account had achieved a return of 10% for the month, your account would now be £110,000 for that month. The performance fee for the first month would be calculated on the profit. The performance fee is 30%, therefore £3,000 is charged to the account. That now leaves the high-water mark at £107,000.

If in the second month of trading, the managed account made a net loss of £3,000, there would be no performance fee paid. However, the high-water mark would remain at £107,000 as this remains the highest level after a performance fee has been taken.

In the third month the Managed Account returned to profitability, and returned £13,000 for the quarter, the balance would now be at £117,000. However, since the high-water mark is at £107,000, the performance fee is only charged on the profit above the high water mark. (i.e. 30% of £10,000 instead of 30% of £13,000).