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BAIA is a trading software developed to create sustained growth within fast moving markets that can be utilized by businesses, fund of funds mutual funds, sovereign funds, high net worth individuals & sophisticated investors.


The primacy of risk control, profitability & consistency
A scientific & technological approach to investment
Proprietary, in-depth research
The benefits of specialization


BAIA is a machine learning algorithmic trading system, created to trade on client accounts. We apply artificial intelligence to absolute return strategies, combining advanced machine learning techniques with financial expertise to generate consistently profitable trades.

History Of Brown Armadillo

Our aim is to provide the best management of your account with full transparency. Our team have been professionally trading the derivatives market for a combined 25 years and have been in the software development field for a combined 10 years. With this combined knowledge of coding and trading, we have created a partnership that boasts consistent above average returns per annum.

Brown Armadillo provides a full service trade copier via our proprietary copy written algorithmic software. The primary objective of Brown Armadillo is to bring science and technology together to create a trading software that drives sustained success in high frequency trading through strategies based on deep studies of the cyclicity and correlation between the Stock, Futures and currency markets. We do not try to predict where the market will move in a world where the only constant is change. Our greatest strength is the high level of adaptability that our systems and algorithms have in a world of ongoing change and evolution.

We are a private holding company that does not solicit business from the general public, but rather takes on new clients on a referral basis. We hold the right to accept or deny any client after a screening process and fully at our discretion

Brown Armadillo Operating Markets


13 Major International Stock Indexes


Silver – Euro & US Dollar
Gold – Euro & US Dollar


80 currency pairs


Brent Oil
Crude Oil

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Invest in a fully machine-powered trading solutions. Automated execution of trades by a computer maintains trading discipline and accuracy, and effectively eliminates the risk associated with manual trading .